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THE NEXT NEW WAVE — Samarria Brevard – Berrics Magazine

THE NEXT NEW WAVE -- Samarria Brevard - Berrics Magazine

WORDS: Stu Gomez //  360 flip. Carlsbad, California. Photo: Swift

Samarria Brevard


Age: 24
Hometown: Riverside, California
Setup: 8.25” Hoopla, Thunder Trucks 147, 52mm Spitfire wheels, Bronson bearings, Cloud 9 griptape, Diamond hardware, Etnies Shoes Vegan HT
In 2014, Samarria won first place in the Kimberley Diamond Cup. The following year, she turned pro. Her consistent presence at the world’s biggest street contests and constant clips over the past three years have made her a household name. Ahhh, we remember when Samarria first came to The Berrics for the first of many Poseiden Ladies’ Days: she wasted no time and landed one of her textbook 360 flips down the 10-stair, and the few dudes in attendance felt… inadequate, to say the least. Instant respect.

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