WORDS: Stu Gomez

When Samsung announced its next-level Galaxy Fold a couple of months ago, the game-changing gizmo almost seemed to good to be true. Now that tech bloggers and YouTube unboxers have gotten their digits all over the Transformer phone, it seems like a folding phone might actually be a thing. But, at $1,980… can you skate it? Just kidding.

Ignoring the $2k price tag, we started to seriously wonder if folding phones would ever catch on with skaters. If designed with pushing in mind—with all the stretch and strain against your front pockets—a folding phone could be a skater’s dream. But, in the Verge video above, this thing is a beast: much taller than your standard smartphone and thicc (with 2 C’s) due to the fold. This thing might not even fit in a Bumbag, let alone your front pocket.

We’re a long way off from a folding phone that you can skate with all day without ripping your pockets, but the Samsung Galaxy Fold does have one advantage for experienced selfie filmers. Aside from the 6 included cameras (!) the fold design allows you to dependably prop it up at any spot. Of course, the Galaxy Fold has a separate outer touchscreen which will inevitably be a board-magnet when you bail. Yikes.

What do you think? Would you skate with the $1,980 Samsung Galaxy Fold in your pocket?

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