Meet Santa Cruz’s Devin Flynn—Raw & Uncut

Santa Cruz has a 13-year-old prodigy in its ranks, and this skater has an anachronistic collection of tricks at his disposal. New Jersey’s Devin Flynn recently went on some filming missions with the brand, conquering every type of terrain imaginable, and the clips have been released in the latest ‘Raw & Uncut’ episode. It’s crazy that someone so young has the seasoned instincts to bitch slap everything from flatbars to bowls. Watch the edit—filmed by Nick Hanson and Joe Perrin, and edited by Trevar Cushing—above.

Santa Cruz is the oldest active hardgoods company in the history of skateboarding, and they’re also one of The Berrics’ earliest supporters. Check out some of the team’s recent work with us, below, and then shop our selection of Santa Cruz decks in The Canteen!

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