Santa Cruz’s Eric Dressen Discusses His 1989 ‘Speed Freaks’ Part In ‘Timeline Talk’

Eric Dressen has been repping Santa Cruz Speed Wheels for decades, and his footage in the brand’s 1989 full-length Speed Freaks stands and some of the most influential skateboarding to date. In the late-’80s, people all around the world who were completely new to skating picked up boards for the first time and, it’s safe to say, many were emulating Dressen’s style god skills from Speed Freaks. In Santa Cruz’s latest ‘Timeline Talk,’ Dressen gives you the rundown of this classic part (incredibly filmed over the course of two days) and a recap of his early career.

Dressen is still a Speed Freak after all these years. Watch it above!

Check out some of Dressen’s work with The Berrics, below:

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