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Santa Cruz Profiles 63 Year Old Female Skateboarding Pioneer Judi Oyama

Santa Cruz Skateboards premiered their latest documentary on the 63 year old female skateboarding pioneer Judi Oyama. Judi has been skating for over 5 decades… yes you read that right, 50 years. Judi has seen skateboarding progress more than most as an OG pioneer of female skateboarding. Judi was there for the inception of Independent Trucks and even helped many notable team riders get on Santa Cruz. In this documentary, we get a glimpse into Judi’s skate career, take a stroll down memory lane with her incredible memoribilia collection, including her first ever skateboard made by her brother, the first ever wooden board from Santa Cruz, other rare boards, vintage magazines and more. Judi shares how she got sponsored, The Capitola Classic, talks about growing up skating Winchester Skatepark, the inception of Independent Trucks, helping Indy and SC grow their teams, getting involved in with the NHS Skate Museum, talks about slalom racing (which she still does today as a member of The US Slalom Skateboarding team, and how proud she is of women’s skateboarding today.

Watch the full documentary above to get inspired by how far skateboarding has come in the past few decades and make sure to get Judi a follow on Cortina Bearings for more!

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