Santa Cruz Profiles Tom Asta In ‘True Grit’

Tom Asta is one of the smoothest skaters alive and, thanks to a new video by Santa Cruz, it turns out that he has always been gifted with steeze. In the latest episode of ‘True Grit’ the brand heads to Langhorne, Pennsylvania, to pick Asta’s brain about coming up in the skate industry (that is based on the other side of the country), and following his passion. His natural talent and winning attitude captured the attentions of Chris Cole and Jamie Thomas, who mentored him on his way to the top; this is how Tom Asta moved up the ranks without really trying to go pro. Check out the video, above.

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Asta has been involved with The Berrics for ten years, filming dozens upon dozens of projects with us including several Bangins, a handful of BATB series, and 2Up. Check out some of his work below:

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