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Scott Kane Breaks Down his Iconic Bootleg 3000 Video Part

Scott Kane was one of the most progressive, influential, and talented skaters of his time and one of his heaviest parts was his 12 minute epic in ‘Bootleg 3000’, which still holds up today. Sit down with Scott as he breaks down his iconic part for Transworld to hear from Kane’s perspective on filming for the part, some of his favorite spots that don’t exist anymore, going pro before the video premiere, reconnecting with J Strickland, doing possibly the first ever kickflip frontside 5-0 down a handrail, backside noseblunting the Manchester handrail before boardsliding it, backside overcrooking down Hollywood 12, the story behind his mind blowing switch heelflip frontside noseslide, and some ending remarks on how he feels about the part after all these years.

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