Sean Christianson’s ‘Energy Kit’ Is Very Swedish

Free Skate Mag premiered Sean Christianson’s latest work, the 15-minute ‘Energy Kit’, this morning and it is very Swedish. The video had its world premiere in Stockholm last week, and every clip was filmed in and around the Swedish capital (and yes, SOUR is definitely represented here). We’re catching a little Stockholm syndrome coming on after watching this edit, and it feels good!

‘Energy Kit’ features Axel Berggren, Vincent Huhta Hasselberg, Douglas Karlsson, Elliot Isacson, Heitor Da Silva, Oscar Safström, Gabbe Viking, Sebbe Lundström Dianoff, Alex Andersson, Flemming Pedersen, Eric Hedberg, Carl Mårtensson, Kim Larsson, Elias Mensi, Sean Christiansen, Axel Lindquist, Svängen, Daniel Grönwall, Alex Carelle, Simon Källkvist, Johan Larsson, Rasmus Salcin, Martin Sandberg, Oskar Wennberg, Günes Özdogan, and David Jakinda.

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