The Seek The Positive Foundation & Rastaclat Partner With Skillshare

Seek The Positive and Rastaclat Partner With Skillshare

The Seek the Positive Foundation and Rastaclat have partnered with Skillshare, an online learning community with thousands of motivating classes, for an exciting giveback throughout the entire year. Like everything the foundation does, this partnership originated through the belief that everybody should strive for personal development and have the tools to achieve their goals daily.

Daniel Kasidi, Rastaclat’s Founder & CEO explains the motivation behind the partnership: “In the current environment of a global pandemic, education has been disrupted in monumental ways. The problem is traditional education is failing to equip our youth with the tools to live life to their fullest potential.

“We have partnered with the Seek the Positive Foundation and Skillshare to bring value to the Rastaclat community by offering curriculums by seasoned instructors in subjects ranging from entrepreneurship, art, photography, and mindfulness to get inspired, create change, and unite to do good for themselves and others. Our goal is to help the foundation grant scholarships to the curriculums to shape a better future and fulfill our vision of equality and personal development.”

Throughout the year, the Seek the Positive Foundation will be granting Skillshare scholarships to the Rastaclat community, giving them access to for a whole year, to help them chase their passion, unlock their side hustle, or nail down a new professional skill. Online subjects include creative career building, marketing, professional development, just to name a few.

The education space is crazy right now, and this initiative gives the Rastaclat community an opportunity to make sense of distanced learning and allow them the chance to interact with other likeminded individuals. And to “tie” it all together, Rastaclat will be giving away a full set of Seek The Positive bracelets to keep the positivity flowing! 

Visit Rastaclat’s Skillshare page for videos, classes and more.

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