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Seven Variety Premieres ‘Fabulous Walk’ by Arthur Ducat

The latest video from Seven Variety hit the internet this week from the French streetwear brand. ‘Fabulous Walk’ features a handful of rippers, including Julie Betrix, Augustin Desire, Kierian Gauthier, Gauthier Perillat, Arthur Ducat, Sanders Shein, Isman Sandoval, Matheo Orlando, Ismael Lounes, Zach Smith, Lucien Genand, Remy Monier, Lilian Fev, Augustin Fabvier, and Aiden Chung, in a tantalizing mix of spectacular skating beautifully mixed with a bangin’ soundtrack. Ride on grinds galore… Fabulous Walk will make you want to run to the streets to stack some clips…

Watch ‘Fabulous Walk,’ filmed by Arthur Ducat, Gauthier Perillat, Kierian Gauthier, Julie Betrix, Matheo Orlando, Raoul Barberis, Elliot Bonnabel and Sylvain Genand, and edited by Arthur Ducat, above!

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