‘SFGate’ Interviews Skaters About The San Francisco Shelter-In-Place Scene

Brianna Holt SF Gate

Photo by Brianna Holt, SFGate

With every major metropolis enforcing a shelter-in-place order to some degree, the current health crisis has presented an opportunity for many skaters. SFGate’s Brianna Holt detailed how one group is making the most of this ongoing situation with her article ‘Empty Streets And Hill Bombs: How Skateboarders Shred Through The Pandemic,’ which was published today.

Among the skaters interviewed for the article, Berrics favorite Lui Elliot makes some excellent points about limiting the size of your crew and being a little extra cautious: ““If you get an injury right now, you’re done. You’re not going to get the same quality of care and you’re putting yourself at risk for getting coronavirus by seeking medical attention.”

If you’re wondering how the stay-home orders may affect your skate seshes in the future, you’ll need to read this SFGate article. For up-to-date information about this crisis, please the CDC site.

The City By The Bay is mecca for many, and we’ve filmed our share of projects there over the years. Watch a handful of these videos below, and stay safe out there!

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