In every bit of footage that we’ve ever seen from Shane O’Neill, he’s been wearing Nike SB shoes. Given that, when and how he got on has always been somewhat of a mystery. Shane reveals how it went down at the 4:34 mark of Part 1 of his new Route One interview. It turns out that he was just 13 years old, and had only been skating for three years.

At the time, Nike SB had started up again. A guy that they had hired to look for some skaters—he wasn’t an employee of Nike, but I had known him. He just asked me if I would like to get shoes from someone. At the time, I wasn’t going to say no to getting free product. I didn’t even know that it was Nike. I ended up getting the box, and it was four pairs of Dunks. I was super excited. Things progressed pretty quickly because the U.S. team started coming over to Australia to film for Nothing But The Truth [2007]. So it was really quick… everything that happened. It was really lucky.

Pretty lucky for all parties involved indeed. Watch the interview above.

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