Route One just uploaded Part 2 of its Shane O’Neill interview. Unfortunately, there’s no additional information on O’Neill’s upcoming board company. But he does give some unique insight into his take on where we are in terms of skateboarding’s technical progression at the 1:10 mark.

Personally, I’m not even close to the tricks that I think of. I think that it’s still at baby stages as far as that’s concerned. It’s not really the coolest, but nowadays you can just find a perfect ledge in a skatepark or a little flatbar. I think the opportunity now to do things you want… the opportunity is huge. I don’t really like that. I’m not stoked on the fact that we can just do stuff in parks for the first time and put it out there. Then, that’s kind of it. I’d prefer to do these tricks street skating, film a video, and work on that. But that’s just not the way of the world anymore.

Considering the level that he’s at now, it’s going to be interesting to see how O’Neill progresses his skating in the future. Watch the entire interview above.

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