SHANE O’NEILL VS. PJ LADD — Unfinished Business

SHANE O’NEILL VS. PJ LADD -- Unfinished Business

Shane O’Neill and PJ Ladd will be facing off this weekend for the second time in BATB history. Their first meeting was in 2010 during the Semifinals of BATB 3. PJ skunked Shane in a grueling match in which just about every flatground trick in the book was done. PJ would go on to lose to P-Rod that year before redeeming himself by winning BATB 5 and 6 consecutively. While he’s seen his fair share of Finals and a Championship match against Sewa Kroetkov in BATB 8, Shane has yet to go all the way. He’s got one obstacle in his way—one that completely shut him down seven years prior—on his road to the BATB 10 Finals. Tune in Sunday to see how it all plays out. This could be a “revenge is best served cold” scenario in the making.

BATB 3 Semifinals | Shane O’Neill vs. PJ Ladd

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