Shin Sanbongi Filmed Worldwide For His New Adidas Part

Shin Sanbongi  has a global appeal, so adidas sent him all over this big blue ball to get some well-rounded clips. In ‘Shin’ Sanbongi speaks the international language of style, cranking out clips in Taiwan, Detroit, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris with his trademark fluidity; special guests Filip Almqvist, Dennis Busenitz, Niels Bennett, and Silas Baxter-Neal aren’t half-bad, either. That’s styles for miles—roughly 200,000 miles.

Filmed by camera genius Chris Mulhern, with Sanbongi’s spiritual style brother Tommy Guerrero on the track.

Check out a few of our past adidas projects below (and then shop our selection of adidas Skateboarding products in The Canteen!):

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