Shin Sanbongi Is Pro For Polar

This morning, Polar announced that Japan’s Shin Sanbongi is now pro! In the Instagram post, the brand showed an image of Sanbongi’s self-designed cruiser-ish ‘Surf Model’ (no word on when that will be available), along with a new clip. The style god’s rhythmic name has been on everybody’s lips since his debut in adidas’ 2017 ‘The Splits’ and blew our minds with his backside noseblunt Sanbanger in Polar’s 2018 full-length We Blew It At Some Point.

This year’s ‘Shin’ video for adidas essentially sealed the deal for Sanbongi, with his unique approach on full display; his fluid style at times seems physically impossible, yet it’s the most natural thing ever… why is that? Sanbongi is truly one of a kind. Follow Polar on Instagram for updates on his deck release!

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