Shoot All Skaters


Behind every great skateboarder there is a great photographer and filmer. Throughout skateboarding’s evolution there’s always been the photographer and filmer right there by the skater’s side ensuring that everything would be documented. “Shoot All Skaters” is our series highlighting the people behind the lens.

Chris Mulhern is one of those filmers who has such a unique vision, everything he does is easily identifiable as being a Mulhern production. He got his start, like most filmers, making videos of his friends. Eventually, others began to catch on to what he was doing and his reputation as a filmmaker was solidified. We’ve worked with Chris and we can say from firsthand experience that he is a consummate professional with an unbelievable instinct for atmosphere and composition. This is his story behind the lens. Tomorrow, we’ll be premiering Mulhern’s SAS-EXPORT. Stay tuned!

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