Shoot All Skaters


You could say that exporting is just a way for a filmer to take his raw vision and adapt for others to view. With that in mind, our version of exporting goes far deeper than just bits, bytes, and aspect ratios. We’ve invited five videographers to take part in a new series showcasing their creativity. Throughout the year, SAS-Export will bring you the visions of some of today’s most exciting filmers, with no file size limitations and, most importantly, optimized to fit your eyes.

“For the people: you’re looking at the next big name in Hollywood right here. Erik Bragg. The biggest to come. I’m stoked. I feel like it’s been rad seeing how much hard work and passion he’s put into this project because it’s his, you know? I just want to say thank you to Bragg. It meant a lot for me to be included in this not really knowing what the hell was going on and then when it came together it was just an honor to be a part of the production. I bet Rihanna is going to see this, shit is going viral! It should win an award or something, right?” – Torey Pudwill

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