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In the world of creative media, the term “export” is shorthand for transferring videos in different formats. (We use it around here all the time: “How long will it take to export that to MP4?” “I’ll export that interview and send you a link.”) Nowadays, every filmer has become familiar with the terminology of modern video production, and even a skater with a passing interest in filming his homies has probably picked up a few bits of videospeak simply through osmosis. At some point, we all started calling skate videos “edits” which was pretty uncommon just a few years ago. In most cases, all of those “edits” were exported for your viewing pleasure.

You could say that exporting is just a way for a filmer to take his raw vision and adapt for others to view. It goes from “raw” to “polished” through the magic of exporting. With that in mind, our version of exporting goes far deeper than just bits, bytes, and aspect ratios.

We’ve invited five of the videographers who we profiled for Shoot All Skaters to take part in a new series showcasing their creativity. “Shoot All Skaters: Export” brings you the visions of some of today’s most exciting filmers, with no file size limitations and, most importantly, optimized to fit your eyes.

The five Exports—by Chris Mulhern, Chris Ray, Kyle Camarillo, Jared Lucas, and Erik Bragg—that went live in the past two months run the gamut from storytelling to urban case study to joyride fever dream. Watch them all back-to-back and marvel at how these top videographers are continuing to progress in their field by adapting skateboarding to tell interesting stories and compose compelling images.

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