Sign The Petition To Save Washington D.C.’s Pulaski Park

Bobby Worrest at Pulaski last year.

Washington D.C.’s Crushed skateshop have started a petition to save the legendary Pulaski (aka Freedom Plaza), a spot that has appeared in videos for over three decades. Read the petition below:

“The Council of DC and the National Capital Planning Commission have plans of “eliminating & replacing” Freedom Plaza. Sign this petition to let them know where you stand! Freedom Plaza was renamed after the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and also holds his time capsule that isn’t to be opened until 2088. Not only is this space a National Park but a National Monument. People come from all over the world to see Freedom Plaza’s inlaid stone surface that depicts part of Pierre Charles L’Enfant’s plan for the city of Washington. Not only is it a one of a kind place on earth but it’s also a cultural melting pot and one of DC’s loudest places to make your voices heard. With protests, live music, dance, unicycle games of hockey, Go-Go’s, food trucks (bbq cook offs), also a long-standing home of DC’s skateboarding scene, and so much more.

“We need your help to let the Council members know that this monument needs more love, support, and care! Instead of “eliminating & replacing” such an important piece of history! Please Sign! Thank you!”

Sign the petition here.

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