Silas Baxter-Neal Skates In Aesop Rock’s Latest Music Video

Rapper Aesop Rock got down to the bare essentials for his latest music video. ‘Jumping Coffins’, a single from his most recent record Spirit World Field Guide, features spooky skateboarding skeletons—a classic skate aesthetic—but these aren’t just any old bones… these fleshless flyboys are hosted by Silas Baxter-Neal, Emile Laurent, Anthony Del Togno Armanasco, and Enzo Kurmaskie (the Pacific Northwest has the best skateboarding skeletons). Directed by Rob Shaw, ‘Jumping Coffins’ has the unmistakeable big bone energy of Baxter-Neal flying through the night, while all the skaters dodge grounded spaceships and powerslide like their lives—such as they were—depended on it. Check it out, above!

Take a look back at some of our projects with Baxter-Neal, below:

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