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SK8MAFIA Releases ‘MICRO’ Video 2023 for April Fools Day

Sk8Mafia celebrated April Fools Day this year by releasing their 2023 “MICRO VIDEO.” If you follow the San Diego based board brand on Instagram, you’ve inevitably seen clips on their 24” x 6” micro Sk8mafia board, and now we can enjoy them all in one place. Watch above as the Sk8Mafia team and friends rip it up on the smallest setup imaginable from the likes of Alexis Ramirez, Tyler Surrey, Brandon Turner, Wes Kremer, Colin McKay, Pat Duffy, Alex Willms, Stephen Lawyer, Chris “Cookie” Colbourn, Chris Blake, John Rob Moore, Chris Haslam and more!

The greatest part about posting this video on April Fools Day is that it’s not actually a joke… The SK8MAFIA Micro Complete is available for purchase on so grab a new complete and watch the MICRO video to get your hyped for all the teeny tiny clips you’re about to get on it!

Sk8mafia Releases 'MICRO' Video 2023 for April Fools Day

sk8mafia 6” micro complete

We’ve worked with the SK8MAFIA crew since the OG Berrics days. From United Nations, to Skate or Dice, and even a Run and Gun with the elusive Wes Kremer, check out a handful of our projects with the brand, below:

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