Sk8mafia’s Kellen James & Jamie Palmore Deliver a Huge Slappy Edit

You may not immediately think of Sk8mafia‘s Kellen James and Jamie Palmore as slappy aficionados, but it makes perfect sense that these two smooth partners-in-crime are masters of the low-pro curb life. Both are already known for super progressive, poppy tricks, and when you give them an endless curb (like the eighth wonder of the curb world, located at Hickman in San Diego), they can go on for days.

^^^One of our many Sk8mafia projects.^^^

Filmer Matthew Reyes collected some of the best sessions from October thru December 2020 and cherry-picked three minutes-worth for the first installment of his ‘KJP’ video series. This is catnip for double-sided curbaholics everywhere. Watch the edit, also featuring guest clips from Jimmy Cao, Kyong Kim, Joe Blas, Marshall Heath, Chris LaRue, Adam Sullivan, and Mike Fitzgerald, above.

The Berrics have been known to dabble in the art of the slappy over the years. Watch some of our low-pro projects below:

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