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S.A.D. (Skate All Day) Premieres March SADness Full Length Skate Video

LA based brand S.A.D. – Skate All Day dropped their latest full length project, “March SADness.” They’ve been filming their 3rd full length video for a couple of years now and they finally get to show off all their hard work. March SADness features full parts from Jesse Flores, Carlos Torres, Johnny Alexander, James Rodriguez, Daniel Weaver, Kristion Jordan, Presscott Frost, and BATB 12 Champ Jamie Griffin along with a montage of homies including Carlos Marinero, Rudy Moreno, Victor Favela, Alan Paixao, Wyatt Cooper, Jonathan Henderson, Joshua Valle, and David Mercado.

Watch the full video above, and check out a few projects we’ve done with some of the SAD skaters, below!

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