Skate Game ‘Session’ Announces XBox One Spring Release

Session, the eagerly anticipated skateboarding game that has been touted as the successor to EA’s SKATE series, is officially on the schedule for an XBox One release in the spring. creā-ture Studios have announced the news, along with some very exciting new gameplay updates, in a detailed press release (scroll all the way down to read the release in full.) Don’t play with our hearts, creā-ture… this better be for real.

Previously known as Project: Session, Session will be released on PC via Steam Early Access on September 17,  with an Xbox One version following in October on Xbox Game Preview. The final game is expected to officially launch in early 2020. For more, watch the trailer below.


You might remember that the Session teaser video made a huge splash at E3 a couple of years ago, at a time when SKATE 4 hysteria was at its peak—due in large part to EA’s periodic trolling on Twitter. (We interviewed creā-ture Studios’ Marc-andré Houde for our In Development series back in December 2016—time flies, huh?) Watch the Steam Early Access trailer for Session, above.

Read about the developer’s latest updates to the game in the below press release:

“We have new places to skate including a new level! The early development park design ‘creā-ture park’ got a big face lift along with a little New York flavor added is now accessible in the game. We have also added a feature that lets you switch between different layouts for our Brooklyn Banks area from its real-life layout to a skating inspired fictional look to the banks. You also now have even more control over objects you move around the map and select from our object dropper menu as you have a much larger range to rotate objects and move up or down for better and easier DIY spot creation!

“Gameplay has been improved with a major overhaul of features from new grind and slide animations, better physics for transitions, smoother spinning rotations, tricks like smiths and feebles lock in more stable, skaters speed now gets impacted by how they land (can speed up when landing on a hill). The skater now also adjusts smooth to the direction you’re skating like looking forward after landing 180s. Characters body adjusts to grinds as they change, along with a much wider range of grinds you can switch into from other grinds and slides without popping. Reverts now have two additional options to adapt how you personally play like one that lets you turn on auto reverts which in the case you were about to land halfway through a 180 the character will auto pivot another 90 to prevent you from bailing, and a new hardcore feature for big drop landings. Now with this hardcore feature you must work your landings from high up heights by flicking your joystick depending on stance in sync with your impact to make working for the massive drops a little more satisfying to achieve.

“Music is boosted with not only a new radio station added thanks to a collaboration with ‘Chillhop Music’ the leading label for lo-fi and chill instrumental music curating a radio station for us but also with another 5 new artists and 11 new tracks added to our popular community radio station as well!

“Optimization got a step up as we were able to fix various problematic bugs as well as improve all the visuals and light effects greatly for a smoother play both technically and visually.

“Controls brings new heavily asked for things with a new trick system to make controls more responsive AND the highly anticipated addition of ‘Legacy’ controls for those who want to learn our Session controls at their own pace and still want to play our game we have added a new option of controls to select that are more familiar for last generations skateboard gamers with the left stick navigation paired with a right stick for tricks and grinds allowing those who are still playing older generation games a control scheme option to jump into our Session universe a little easier with.

“Online games of S.K.A.T.E. is finally here with remote play together integration! Now you can play Games of S.K.A.T.E. with others online through the STEAM streaming feature with the same name!

“And last but not least the Xbox update. We are happy to finally share some good news as we have teamed up with Illogika, another very experienced studio, to dedicate an entire team to focus solely on bringing our game to Xbox it’s full quality that PC enjoys! This doubling down with hands on deck is now going to allow us to bring SESSION to Xbox this SPRING 2020!”

Download Session on Steam here.

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