‘Skate Jawn’ Premieres Jack Moore’s ‘Friendship Express’ Video

Last summer was an interesting time for filming skate videos in the city—not quite lockdown/masks… optional? Skaters all over seemed to be making up for lost time with a renewed energy to get as much footage in the bank as possible, because you never know what the hell is coming next. Well, in the case of New England and the Eastern Seaboard, there’s a gnarly storm a-brewin’ this week which is sure to cause flooding, property damage, and a lot of wet skatespots. If this is your neck of the woods, you best log those clips now and spend the upcoming rainy days editing.

Jack Moore is way ahead of you, though: his ‘Friendship Express’ edit (which Skate Jawn premiered this morning) features footage from dozens of skaters in Boston, Burlington, and New York, filmed over the summer and fall of this year. Mother Nature may be cooking up a big one this week, but Moore and his Friendship Express made the most of the sunny sky while it lasted. That’s what friends are for.

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