Skate Simulator Game Announced For Exclusive PS4 Release

The first skateboarding simulator is on the horizon, using your phone’s gyroscope and accelerometer to imitate flips and ollies—and you’ll see it all on your TV screen. Think of it as a fingerboard with a data plan. The game is called Skapp and it’s officially planned as a PS4 exclusive; the developer, Bound Games, will launch a Kickstarter campaign on October 27.

We haven’t really seen something exactly like this before, although True Skate: Big Screen—a canceled 2016 project—had a similar concept which also incorporated your phone’s screen. For more info on Skapp, watch the game’s official trailer, above.

Watch Walker Ryan skate in one of those sexy mo-cap suits in our behind-the-scenes video for this year’s videogame success story Skater XL, below:

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