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In a world where skateboarders are blamed for decline of Western civilization… Romanian filmmaker Cristian Radu offers an alternative reality. Here’s his award-winning, top-down view of life as he sees it.

Two years ago, Radu completed his master’s degreee in animation. “Skateboarding Is Not a Crime” was his final assignment. The story follows a skateboard that cruises through the city, when it suddenly stumbles over an construction sign. A police car then engages in a hot pursuit, destroying the city as he tries to stop the skateboard. Otherwise known to skaters as a typical Tuesday.

Radu has been skateboarding for 12 years, and within the past 2 years his film was screened and given awards in various film festivals around the world. But his goal is to get recognition from skaters, above all else: “Although I am happy that the film had a decent festival life, I made the film especially for the skateboarding community. That’s why my dream is [for] this film to be seen by the right people; from skateboarding, for skateboarding.” You have the right to remain stoked.
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