Skateistan Launches Ambitious ‘Safe To Skate’ Campaign

Skateistan, an award-winning international NGO which combines skateboarding with creative education to empower children, launched a fundraising campaign today which will help them to include even more children in their innovative programs. The campaign is called ‘Safe to Skate’ and focuses on how Skateistan’s Skate Schools provide a haven for children where they feel safe to skate, learn and play.

The charity works in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa and has a focus on reaching children from groups which are often excluded from educational opportunities, such as girls, children living with disabilities and children from low income backgrounds.

‘Safe to Skate’ launches today with a special short film and will run until the end of the year. The campaign features four current Skateistan students, who tell the story of safety at Skateistan through their personal experiences. One of the students featured is Safiullah, who lives in an internally displaced people’s camp in Afghanistan. Her education had been disrupted by conflict in the region and she was out of school. Through Skateistan, she was able to catch up on her education and return to formal schooling.

Through this campaign, Skateistan is aiming to broaden the conversation around the meaning of safety, with a series of short videos of prominent skateboarders and ambassadors for the organization reflecting on what ‘safe to skate’ means to them. This series was kicked off by Vanessa Torres on the first day of the campaign.

You can find out more about Skateistan’s Safe to Skate campaign here. And check out our recent video with Skateistan, below:

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