‘Skater XL’ Launches Mod Browser & Remastered Maps

Easy Day Studios’ Skater XL Mod Browser is live, giving players on all platforms access to community-created mod maps and gear basically at the push of a button. In addition to remastered and optimized versions of Applewood Park, Quebec Skate Plaza, and Riverfern maps, you can now browse and install over 250 different gear and skin mods. This first drop of content and the Mod Browser release itself ensure that there will be a constant stream of fresh Skater XL content going forward—this is exciting news!

By working closely with Sony, Microsoft, and, Easy Day overcame challenges with policy, curation, server optimization, UI/UX design, expanded storage space access, and a host of other technical hurdles, creating a seamless experience on all platforms (there are almost too many choices!). Check out Milky’s tutorial below to see just how easy the Mod Browser function is:

For more information visit the Skater XL site!

Check out our recent Skater XL projects with pro (and novelist) Walker Ryan, below…

…and he slips into one of those sexy motion capture suits, below:

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