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Skater XL Shares Latest Updates

Get those thumbs ready to elevate the skateboarding video game experience with the latest update from Skater XL. Available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and in the public branch on Steam, this update introduces the ability to grab the board at any moment, whether riding, grinding, sliding, flipping, or soaring mid-air, offering unprecedented control to execute grabs at unique angles based on the board’s orientation, resulting in dynamic and authentic hand positions that align with the board’s angle. Mix and match grabs by independently using either or both hands, allowing for limitless combinations and personalized style. Unlike pre-programmed tricks, these new abilities are a result of dynamic systems that respond to player input in real-time, opening the door to more creative, stylish, and authentic skateboarding.

But that’s not all… Skater XL’s update also introduces an in-game news feed. This feature ensures that players stay connected to the latest developments in the Skater XL universe. From news and tips to content releases and more, the in-game news feed keeps you informed without interrupting your gameplay. Stay immersed in the skateboarding world and never miss a beat while exploring the streets, parks, and spots of Skater XL.

Whether you’re a seasoned Skater XL pro or new to the game, this update brings a refreshing level of control and engagement to Skater XL, enhancing the way you express yourself on the board and stay connected with the community. Dive into the game and experience the freedom like never before.

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