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Skating 3D Printed Sculptures with Solo Skate Mag

Skateboarding culture offers a unique perspective on the world, where architecture is seen as terrain to ride, and sculptures become skate spots. This distinct way of seeing the urban landscape fosters creativity, resilience, and a profound connection to the environment, not as a static backdrop but as a dynamic playground for self-expression and exploration. In doing so, they challenge societal norms, embrace creativity, and leave their mark on the world.

The latest to leave their indelible mark, Léo Valls introduces “Contact,” an exhibition of skateable sculptures created using 3D printing technology, in an attempt to bridge the gap between skateboarding, art, and the public. The sculptures, resembling pebbles, were strategically placed in a prominent public space in Bordeaux, Place de la Bourse, for six weeks for skaters from all over the world to come skate.

What sets these sculptures apart is their multi-use design. While catering to skateboarders, they also serve as interactive art for pedestrians. Children found inventive ways to enjoy them, from sliding on banana-shaped structures to sitting on wallie pebbles. Additionally, 3D printing played a crucial role in bringing Leo’s vision to life. Collaborating with 3D Concrete in the Basque country, these intricate, rounded sculptures bear a striking resemblance to actual pebbles.

Hop across the pond to skate the 3D printed obstables with Vincent Dallemagne, Vivien Feil, Pierre Lespes, Julien Januszkiewicz, Nicolas Malinowsky, Léo Valls, Seb Daurel, Vincent Harter, Marek Loudat, Mattéo Janssen, Charles Myattm, Florian Giraud, Clément Vidal Roussel, Julien Malard, Sebastien Banizette, Ros Wel, Dave Manaud, Rowan Madden, Mael Wolters, Oakley Cameron, Lena Germanese, Bruno Laheurte, and Ben Koppl in “Contact,” produced by Leo Valls, Stephane Feugas and Cote Ouest, filmed and edited by Stephane Feugas.

Watch “Contact,” above, and check out the interview with Leo Valls on!

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