Slam City Skates Interviews NYC OG Jeff Pang

Slam City Skates Interviews NYC OG Jeff Pang

Photo via Slam City Skates

Slam City Skates, London’s premier skate shop, recently interviewed OG Shut rider Jefferson Pang about his extensive skate career and the interviewer—Neil MacDonald—unearthed some nuggets that you may not already know. His role on Larry Clark’s Kids, his tenure on the Underworld Element team, and his current position as the store manager at Supreme’s Brooklyn location, are all discussed in this interview spanning two hours. On his early ’90s days hanging out at artist Jeremy Henderson’s crib, the 48-year-old Pang remembers a chance encounter with the GOAT:

“One day I woke up there and Mark Gonzales is there pouring a fuckin’ bowl of cereal. I’d never met him before, and him and Jason Lee are just… There. In the fuckin’ apartment.”

As one of the first pros to emerge from New York City, you best believe Pang has stories—read his interview at the Slam City Skates site. And watch his 1998 Zoo York Mixtape part, below, for a little late-’90s backstory:

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