‘Slam’ Releases Missing Skater Trent Riley’s ‘Treasury’ Part

Brisbane, Australia local Trent Riley went missing last month, just weeks after being featured on the magazine’s cover. This morning, Slam magazine premiered his part from Treasury, a recent video filmed and edited by Harry Pascoe. The mag gives you an update on the heartbreaking story behind Riley’s disappearance:

“In circumstances that no one could have predicted, Trent Riley went missing less than a month [after appearing on the Slam cover] while fishing alone off the Port of Brisbane in his little boat, ‘Lydia’. His family and friends, along with the Queensland Water Police and countless other volunteers, conducted a huge search effort, but two weeks later, Trent was still missing and the search was called off. Since then, tributes flooded social media.

“The disappearance of Trent Riley has left a massive hole in the Australian skateboarding community, but through his part from Treasury, and a tribute in our next issue, we continue to celebrate the life of a legend.”

Watch Riley’s video, above.


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