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Street League Skateboarding Announces New Format for 2023 SLS Championship Tour

Street League Skateboarding has officially unveiled some more information around it’s new format for the upcoming 2023 SLS Championship Tour. Sean Malto and Paul Rodriguez break down the details in their latest video, above. The 2023 tour will feature a mix of hand picked skaters and a rotating roster spots all season long will more ways to qualify than ever before, which promises the opportunity to see different skaters at every stop. The next big change the one day format starting with the Men’s Knock Out Round with 5 skaters in each heat and the top skater form the heat advances to the Finals. Next, will be the pre-seeded Women’s Final featuring 6 of the best women battling for SLS glory. The one day format concludes with the Men’s final with the top skaters from each knock out round will compete against the reigning SLS Champion (Gustavo Ribeiro). Check out the dates for the upcoming 3 stops in the 2023 SLS Championship tour, below, and stay tuned for the announcement of where the 2023 Super Crown will take place!

2023 SLS Championship Tour
Stop 01: Chicago, IL – April 29
Stop 02: Tokyo, JP – Aug. 12
Stop 03: Sydney, AUS – Oct. 7
Super Crown: TBA

Purchase your tickets on the Street League Skateboarding Website!

We’re looking forward to this upcoming SLS Season. Check out some of our favorites projects on the street league floor, below.

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