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SLS Checks out what Sean Malto is hauling in ‘Junk in the Trunk’

Street League Skateboarding takes a peek inside Sean Malto‘s Elantra N to see what he’s hauling around for their ‘Junk in the Trunk’ series. For a man with so many hobbies, Sean has to stay strapped for any kind of extra curricular activity. From GoPros to golf clubs, bowling balls to tennis rackets, Malto’s whip is loaded to the brim with anything he could possibly need (and don’t forget the sunscreen). Watch the full video to see what kind of Junk Sean has in his Trunk, above!

Malto has an extensive body work with The Berrics (he’s the only skater who has been in EVERY single BATB), covering over a decade of history with us… Check out some of our favorites below:

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