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SLS Games IV Round 1 Part 2 | Team Louie vs Team Carlos

Street League Skateboarding kicked off the 4th edition of it’s “very serious competition,” the SLS Games IV, last week with a star studded line up. The SLS Games pit two teams against each other in a series of skate events that tests the teams physically, mentally, and even emotionally.

Join Carlos Ribeiro, Vincent Milou and Dashawn Jordan on Team Carlos as they take on Louie Lopez, Curren Caples as Jake Anderson on Team Louie Part 2 of Round 1’s Decathlon that was briefly interrupted by Vincent Milou’s ankle injury. Team Carlos might be shorthanded after losing Vincent, but that doesn’t stop Dashawn and Carlos from giving Jake, Louie, and Curren a run for their money in the next series of challenges testing the skaters speed, strength, and power.

Watch the 2nd part of Round 1’s Decathlon, above, and check out some of our favorite videos with SLS Pros Carlos, Louie, Curren, Jake, Vincent, and Dashawn, below!

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