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SLS Games IV Round 2 – Game of O.U.T. | Team Louie vs Team Carlos

Street League Skateboarding‘s SLS Games IV is in full swing! Due to a last minute substitution for the injured Vincent Milou, Taylor McClung steps up to the plate for Team Carlos in Round 2. Join Carlos Ribeiro, Taylor McClung and Dashawn Jordan on Team Carlos as they take on Louie Lopez, Curren Caples as Jake Anderson on Team Louie in a game of O.U.T!
The rules are simple, this is a team game of skater with each skaters getting their own 3 letters, whoever the last man standing is brings homes the W for their team. Ready. Set. Go!

Watch Round 2 of the SLS Games IV, above, and check out some of our favorite videos with SLS Pros Carlos, Louie, Curren, Jake, Taylor, and Dashawn, below!

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