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‘SLS Resurrection’ Contest Kicked Off With Hubba Hideout Replica

Street League Skateboarding premiered SLS Resurrection, a contest where street spots of the past are brought back to life. To kick it off, an ode to the streets of San Francisco: Hubba Hideout. Watch the winner-take-all-jamfest—featuring Shane O’Neill, Dashawn Jordan, Louie Lopez, Yuto Horigome, Nyjah Huston, Jamie Foy, Ryan Decenzo, Felipe Gustavo, Matt Berger, Taylor Kirby, Vincent Milou, and Braden Hoban—above. And, oh yeah, it’s judged by Berrics co-founder Eric Koston and the winner of many of our own amazing contests over the years, P-Rod!

Every year, Street League is a highlight for The Berrics. Last time around, we went there with Chad Muska and he got some priceless behind-the-scenes clips for us. Watch that edit, from July 2019, below:

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