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Snake Farm Skateboards Presents Cold Blooded

Snake Farm Skateboards has been steadily growing their new team and stacking clips in the streets! Take a trip to the farm and get bit by Ben Walters, Alex Ring, Anna Marie Trute, Dale Bonnell, Wes Wallace, Dylan Foster, Hollywood Martinez, Chris Pierre, Cody McEntire, and Nick Holt in the teams first video, ‘Cold Blooded.’

From the deserts of the Middle East, to your city streets. Snake Farm is bringing you a uniquely experienced company. Forged in the fires of battle, to embracing peace, Snake Farm is ready to drive you to skate. For the Ronin of skateboarding. Those unclaimed skaters without master. Snake Farm sees you… and welcomes you to your new warrior class.

Get your own Snake Farm deck available now in The Canteen!

Snake Farm Skateboards Presents Cold Blooded

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