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Sobreskate Announces Slides & Grinds ‘Streets’ Edition

Sobreskate‘s ‘Slides & Grinds’ competition has become one of the most anticipated letter-based events… it’s like Battle At The Berrics, but with a ledge! This year, the channel announced that its taking the contest outside to the streets. The teaser is light on information—we immediately pictured a golf match, with hundreds of spectators following the skater from spot-to-spot… that’s probably not the case here—but you can be sure that world will be watching Brazil (the global wax capital, per capita). Look before you sit, Brazilians: your country is about to get a lot of waxy butts. Watch the teaser, above!

We have our own ledge-stravaganza series, and it’s called Ninja Training. Check out a few of these satisfyingly edgy, Brazil-centric videos below:

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