‘Solo’ Premieres Frederick Schneider’s ‘Grain’ Video

Germany’s Solo magazine dropped Frederick Schneider’s ‘Grain’ video this morning, a 10-minute video full of footage of his friends while traveling through Europe since 2020. Crews from different parts of Germany like Frankfurt, Stuttgart, München, Saarbrücken, and Tübingen are united in this independent project, featuring clips from Leo Mattasits, Denis Puchala, Nils Zoican, Alex Schultz, Michael Jesus Häusler, Kai Boblenz, Patrick Pfeifer, Benny Ringwald, Kijan Ghanavati, Manu Ringwald, Nils Heidtmann, Tim Janke, Marius Mösner, Moritz Marquardt, Loco, Maarten van Melis, Damian Gribl, and Richard Schulz. Live vicariously through Schneider’s crew as they spend two years on the road in Europe, above!

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