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SOLO Skate Mag Premieres ‘FLUTE’ Full-Length

In the heart of Europe, where the rhythm of skateboarding reverberates through diverse metropoles, a remarkable pan-European project has taken shape. After an eight-year hiatus from full-length projects, Solo Skate Mag knew it was time for something extraordinary and their latest full-length video project is a testament to the unifying power of skateboarding. ‘FLUTE’ was born from a vision to combine the diverse backgrounds of each skater, creating a symphony of styles that harmonizes as they skate through their chosen hometowns.

The project is the brainchild of Gino Fischer and Thomas Courteille, who orchestrated a heavy lineup of skateboarders, featuring Joscha Aicher, Schianta Lepori, Tania Cruz, Jorge Simões, Filip Almqvist, and Amelien Foures, showcasing spots across the breathtaking landscapes of the Balkans as each skateboarder was tasked with filming parts in their respective cities, giving viewers an intimate look at their local skate scenes and stories.

‘FLUTE’ is a harmonious blend of European skate culture, proving that skateboarding transcends borders and brings together people from all walks of life. It’s a tribute to the vibrant and ever-evolving skate culture that continues to thrive across the continent and beyond.

Watch ‘FLUTE’, by Gino Fischer & Thomas Courteille, above!

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