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Solo Skate Mag Presents ‘Immigrant Life’

Lisbon’s multicultural skate scene inspired Jean Lucca to create a unique project – a video celebrating immigrant skaters that visit Portugals capital. This short film beautifully captures the spirit of newcomers and short-term visitors who have found a home in Lisbon’s skateboarding community featuring Madars Apse, Andre Costa, Thaynan Costa, Mike Germond, Maria Roque, Siano Maciek, Juan Pablo Bello, Murilo Romao, Leonardo Favaro and Lucas Marques. ‘Immigrant Life’ is a heartwarming reminder that skateboarding transcends borders, embracing diversity and uniting skaters from all walks of life by showcasing the rich cultural tapestry that thrives in Lisbon’s streets from the skaters that make it their temporary home.

Watch Immigrant Life, filmed and edited by Jean Lucca Joner Silveira, above!

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