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Solo Skate Mag Shares Christopher Schübel’s ‘Twentythree’ Farewell Part

In the world of skateboarding, there are certain skaters who fly under the radar despite their exceptional skills. Christopher Schübel is undoubtedly one of those underrated talents. Now, after an impressive 23 years of skateboarding, 2023 marks a significant moment for Christopher. On the 23rd of July, which also happens to be his birthday, he decided to release a memorable skate video part as a farewell to his time as a sponsored skater. In an age where professional athletes are doing everything they can to stay in the game, Christopher takes his opportunity to ends things on his own terms with a project aimed to capture the aesthetic essence of his skateboarding in a heartfelt tribute to his time on the board. This farewell part is not about saying goodbye; instead, it’s a beautiful celebration of a chapter in his skateboarding journey. As he transitions from being a sponsored skater, Christopher Schübel leaves us with a video that captures the true essence of skateboarding. You know what they say… “All good things must come to an end… “

Bid a fond farewell to our fellow brother on the board and watch Christophers ‘Twentythree’ part, filmed and edited by Daniel Meier, above!

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