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Solo Skate Mag Shares ‘RE4’ by Patty Paulenz

In an era of digital dominance, there’s something beautifully authentic about the gritty, unfiltered charm of VX video. Patty Paulenz, the mastermind behind “RE4,” has accomplished what many strive for with the VX: capturing the soul of a skate scene against a backdrop of the west German landscape through this legendary lens. The allure of “RE4” lies not just in its skating, but in its ability to transport viewers to a world of camaraderie, passion, and the unmistakable vibe that infuses the western German skate culture.

Featured skaters include Justin Ernst, Jakob Kern, Georg Anders, David Skaliks, and a host of others who make up the rich tapestry of skateboarding in the region. The video thrives on showcasing the inherent character and spirit that define the western German skate scene. From the urban landscapes to hidden skate spots, “RE4” presents a visual tour of Germany’s west that’s as evocative as it is exhilarating.

Watch Patty Paulenz’s “RE4”, now playing on Solo Skate Mag, above!

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