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Sota Tomikawa for Creature Skateboards

Sota Tomikawa follows up Yurin Fujii’s latest part for a Creature Double Feature! For someone whose local skatepark is the Lost Skatepark in Hokkaido, it’s no surprise that Sota is an absolute beast on the board! In his latest part, Tomikawa takes on tight transitions, barrels through frantic street spots like it’s nothing, leaves his mark on Washington St. Skatepark, before closing the curtains with a gnarly bowl session at The Lost Skatepark in Japan.

Watch Sota’s part for the Fiends, filmed by Takuya Izuma, Tyler Hopkins, Jesse Silva, Ivery Turner, and DAF Noah, and edited by DAF Noah, above!

Check out Yurin’s Creature part, as well as the Creature United Nations video, below:

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