Long Live Southbank was founded in 2013 with a very noble, but modest mission: to save the world-famous location from certain destruction and maintain it as an evergreen spot for all. At the time, the organization couldn’t have imagined that the freakin’ Olympics would be a consideration, but the Games have become somewhat of a bargaining tool lately. 

This is evident in the BBC’s report Saturday about the London Marathon Charitable Trust’s 200,000 pound grant which was awarded to “protect and expand” the spot. The article also notes that a skate school will be set up with a portion of the funds. 

Tellingly, the Trust notes that “offering skate sports opportunities is particularly relevant ahead of skateboarding being introduced at the 2020 Olympics.” Regardless of what you think of the involvement of skateboarding in the Olympics, it has opened doors in some unexpected ways. 

London Live also reported on the grant below:

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