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Spencer Barton’s Mission to Land EVERY Flatground Trick

BATB 12 Influencer Spencer Barton embarked on an inconceivable quest to land EVERY single flatground trick imaginable. 2 years, almost 30,000 trick attempts, and countless editing hours later we finally get to see his masterpiece come together.

Spencer shared his unbelievable journey to land every trick he could conceive to his YouTube Channel yesterday and boy oh boy is it a doozy. Starting off with the basics, Spencer runs through all the 180s, kickflips, heelflips, shuv-its, big spins, varial flips, big flips, inward heels, hardflips, 180 flips, 360 flips, forward flips, double flips, and more in EVERY single stance, before moving on to some of the most difficult flatground tricks he’s ever contemplated. We know what you’re thinking, a 25 minute video about flatground? That’s going to get boring. Don’t worry, Spencer keeps his video fresh with his signature editing techniques and intricate storytelling skills.

After over 250 tricks landed, Spencer is left with a short list of leftovers that he wants to land over the next year. For now, we get to bask in the glory of one of the most impressive flatground bag of tricks that we’ve ever seen. But we wouldn’t expect anything less from the man who *almost* beat BATB 12 Champion Jamie Griffin in the Influencer bracket.

Watch Spencer’s Flatground video, above, and check out his appearance in BATB12, below!

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