Mandible Claw’s (AKA Colin Read) Spirit Quest project is an experience unlike anything else. It was voted 2016’s best independent video, with Read’s inventive video work (double-fisting VXes to create a sort of choose-your-own-adventure; mimicking kickflips—a do-or-die scenario for the frugal filmer) and clever transitions making a monumental impact—you can see traces of his innovation in videos released since… “homages,” you could say.

Now, two years after the video’s initial release, Read is steady releasing parts from the production. This week, he shared Hiroki Muraoka’s evolutionary edit—a must-watch.

We can still remember when we got the DVD at the Berrics office in 2016. We watched it twice. This 80-minute work of art is infinitely rewarding, like a window into your psyche, but it’s also effective in short bursts. With each featured skater paired with his own spirit animal, Spirit Quest is an insightful work by a keen observer of skating in the wild. 

Download Spirit Quest, with all the original DVD extras, here. It may make you feel like David Attenborough on peyote the first time you watch it, but you won’t regret it.

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